Planning night

From: 10/09/2019


From: 17/09/2019

Start the scientist badge


From: 24/09/2019

Fire Safety

From: 01/10/2019

Start to learn about fire safety

International Badge

From: 08/10/2019

Next part of the international badge

Electronics Badge

From: 15/10/2019

Complete the electronic badges

Diwali (World Faiths)

From: 22/10/2019

Half Term

From: 29/10/2019

Bonfire Night

From: 05/11/2019

Internet Safety

From: 12/11/2019

Games Night

From: 19/11/2019

Crafts Badge

From: 26/11/2019

Christmas Baking

From: 03/12/2019

Christmas Crafts

From: 10/12/2019

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Party

From: 17/12/2019

Scout Christmas party