Bank Holiday

From: 03/05/2021

Fire Lighting

From: 10/05/2021

Learn how to start a safe fire


From: 17/05/2021

Fathers Day Cards

From: 24/05/2021

Bank Holiday

From: 31/05/2021

Open Fire Cooking - Tent Practice - Milldale

From: 07/06/2021

fire lightening and tent pitching


From: 14/06/2021

Environmental Conservation

From: 21/06/2021

recycling- separate recyclable/non recyclable items. where can we take/what can we do with non recyclables? question cards- in their lodges cubs to discuss the various questions

Environmental Conservation - bird feeder

From: 28/06/2021

make a bird feeder

Climbing Kilnworx

From: 05/07/2021

Personal Challenges

From: 12/07/2021

Rounders Tournament

From: 19/07/2021

Combined evening with Beavers at weston park