communicator- welcome back show and tell

From: 06/09/2021

roald dahl day - scienctist

From: 13/09/2021

Liz who is RD- read a section of Georges marv medicine.


From: 27/09/2021

scientist - marshmallows

From: 20/09/2021

make a marshmallow/ spaghetti tower

world faith *subject to change/Rachel

From: 04/10/2021

possible visit to the local church or Rev rachel to visit the village hall


From: 11/10/2021

shoe box appeal

From: 01/11/2021

explain why we are making the shoe boxes up

Half Term

From: 25/10/2021


From: 18/10/2021

craft activities

From: 08/11/2021

the creation station crafts


From: 22/11/2021

climbing at kilnworx


From: 15/11/2021

artist (YL)

From: 29/11/2021

YL clay/ christmas crafts

artist YL

From: 06/12/2021

YL cards and clay continuation

christmas party

From: 13/12/2021

times TBC