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We are a new beaver group formed back in January 2014 and since then we have continued to grow. Our group is at the Weston village hall just across from the White Lion pub. We meet on Monday’s 17:30 to 18:30 in term time. Our programme of activities helps give every beaver the chance to achieve the highest award in beavers – the Chief Scouts Bronze Award.

At the 14th we give every beaver the opportunity to have a go at all beaver activities, such as archery, canoeing, climbing and exploring, also beavers get the chance to go on family pack camps, while at camp every beaver during the summer months will sleep in tents, have a go at traditional scout camp activities and playing fun wide outdoor games. We also attend District and Country Beaver Events throughout the year.

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New Volunteers!

The group is currently looking for new volunteers, with new roles open.


Remembrance Parade

From: 10/11/2019


Section: Beavers

Christmas Trip

From: 30/11/2019

Location: Ammerton Farm

Section: Beavers


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