Bird Boxes

From: 03/05/2022

Make BB for the community area around the village hall


From: 10/05/2022

Dave to lead Basic car maintenance


From: 17/05/2022

Matt to lead Breaton 3x cubs invited

Mini Pioneering

From: 24/05/2022

Led by Matt and Dave Fundamentals of knots for pioneering Build Basic structure as a practise for camp/full size

Half Term

From: 31/05/2022


From: 07/06/2022

Led by Dave

Camp Skills - Milldale

From: 14/06/2022

Led by Matt Fires/cooking/safety/knife skills


From: 21/06/2022

Led my Matt Landscape painting/drawing of a scenic view To complete the badge requirements

Wide Games

From: 28/06/2022

Milldale- Alex to lead Variety of wise games for the scouts to become Confident to lead

Archery - Milldale

From: 05/07/2022

Led by Matt Archery/safety/ set up/range rules In house Competition


From: 12/07/2022

Village hut Matt/Dave to lead Use knifes to make simple instrument /spoon etc from Sticks from previous week Safety/ Functional

Water Night - Milldale

From: 19/07/2022

End of term team building fun at milldale